Hello from Pleasanton California

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Hello from Pleasanton California

Postby RTJLaing » Tue Mar 05, 2013 8:57 pm

I fly a GRYF MD3 Rider (Flyitalia) out of LVK -- Livermore California. Tail number is N289AV. I bought the plane in February 2011 and have enjoyed flying it around the Bay Area, Central Valley & Sierra foothills.

I didn't start training for my private license until I retired from Chevron Corporation after nearly 40 years of international service. I am a Canadian geophysicist and had spent many hours flying geological reconnaissance field work from the right seat. But for me, flying was not a life long passion that retirement finally allowed to blossom. Rather I was just looking for something that would be challenge and have a mix of technical knowledge and practical skills to learn. My brother-in-law from Indiana gave me an intro flight as a retirement present --- and that was enough to set the hook. Thanks again Tom!

I trained with Ahart Aviation at LVK for my SEL private pilot license. A bit later I added a SES rating, as well as tail wheel, high performance and complex endorsements. Basically I was trying to understand what I liked to do (mission, equipment etc). That eventually lead me to almost buying a Zlin Savage -- but the deal fell through. Then kind of on the rebound, I found the MD3 Rider. Turns out it was a fortunate event all around. Great plane for looking out the widow at the geology!

I haven't met many LSA pilots in my area -- and even fewer with Rotex engines. So I am hoping the sport pilot talk community can help me with both technical questions -- and ideas for flight adventures around my area.


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Re: Hello from Pleasanton California

Postby drseti » Tue Mar 05, 2013 9:11 pm

RTJLaing wrote:I fly a GRYF MD3 Rider (Flyitalia) out of LVK --

Welcome aboard! So glad you're finally living the dream.

You're making me homesick. I lived for decades in the Bay Area, and flew in and out of LVK many times. I was one of the founding members of 1C9 (Frazier Lake Airpark, Hollister) 30+ years ago. Still have a hangar there, and get back about 3 times a year.

Lots of great folks on the forums who can answer all your questions. Fly safely, and check in often.
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