2020 Compliant - A Simple Way

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2020 Compliant - A Simple Way

Postby bryancobb » Mon Sep 16, 2019 5:07 am

I thought I posted this yesterday but I don't see it now.

My need to get my Tomahawk 2020 ADS-B Out compliant, caused me to start learning about THE WIRELESS SATELLITE NETWORK that the FAA has decided is the replacement for RADAR as ATC's source for aircraft location and altitude in America.

Three capabilities are required after JAN 1. 1) You still need a Transponder with Altitude Capability (Mode C) 2) You need a WAAS GPS for satellite-based position. 3) You need an approved method of transmitting and receiving data over the satellite network.

FAR 91.217 requires whatever device you use to measure your altitude, and transmit that altitude to ATC, to be certified every two years and be correlated with your altimeter (which must be within +/- 125'). I'm not real clear if the Altitude Encoder/Transponder will continue to be the primary source for my altitude after JAN 1, or if the more accurate GPS will become the primary source for altitude sent to ATC.

My Tomahawk is already equipped to fly in controlled airspace B, C, D, and E so it has a Transponder with an Altitude Encoder so no new equipment there, so long as it continues to pass the 2 year 91.413 test. To meet 2020 requirements, I must add a WAAS GPS for accurate position after JAN 1 and even after RADAR eventually shuts down, and a way to send and receive data. I think I have decided on the thing shown below. I'll just have to remove the tail NAV light and replace it with the device. It has a WAAS GPS and a Transceiver built-in. I have to "program" it with my N-Number and personal info and it's ready to use.

I will conduct ONE 30 minute flight in the national airspace system, doing a specific series of maneuvers. I will request from the FAA, by N-Number and time and date. They will send me a form showing "PASS" or "FAIL." If I pass, I am 2020 ADS-B Out Compliant.
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Re: 2020 Compliant - A Simple Way

Postby Sling 2 Pilot » Mon Sep 16, 2019 7:03 am

Yes Bryan, a simple and probably the least expensive way to go, IMO.

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