Chesapeake Sport Pilot Flying Club at Bay Bridge

There's hundreds of flying clubs around the country that own and manage aircraft for their members. Aside from the camaraderie, clubs make flying more affordable.

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Chesapeake Sport Pilot Flying Club at Bay Bridge

Postby mcdewey » Tue Aug 18, 2015 3:36 pm

Hi Folks,

We're starting up a flying club at Bay Bridge airport (W29). We are starting the club with a Tecnam Eaglet LSA and are considering a Vans RV-12 next. In the longer term, we will add a certified aircraft for our private pilots that want to fly further and faster. We’re even looking into the SeaRey seaplane.

We are not part of the Chesapeake Sport Pilot flight school run by Helen Woods, but we're working with Helen to provide a place for Sport Pilots and those who want to fly LSA. We're gathering members now and plan on starting with 10-12 folks and the Eaglet. Then we will immediately start looking for ten more certificated pilots and getting an RV-12.

We're an equity club, which means you buy part of the planes. There is also a monthly administrative fee to cover insurance, registration, tie-downs, etc. and then an hourly cost to rent the plane (wet). The costs are as follows:

Buy-in : $4800 (refundable when leaving the club)
Monthly fee: $155
Hourly fee: $65 (includes fuel)

You can find further information about the club (by-laws, operating rules, and application) at, or emailing us at You can post questions here and I'll try to keep an eye on this board. Also, we are incorporated as a non-profit social club and plan on seminars and social get-togethers. We'll have further information on that soon.

We're up to seven people now and we just started actively announcing the club on Monday. Once we get to ten people, we'll start a waiting list, so if you want on board, don't wait too long.

Mike Dewey (Secretary, CSP Flying Club)

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