Partners in FD CTSW wanted in Central Virginia

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Partners in FD CTSW wanted in Central Virginia

Postby Lakeview Flying » Sun Mar 28, 2010 5:36 pm

CTSW partners wanted in Central Virginia

I have a CTSW in Central Virginia in which I am looking for 3-4 partners. I recently acquired this aircraft new from FD USA through Sebring Aviation. Only 46 hours, after transitional/initial training and the flight home, on the Hobbs and all applicable SB's for FD, Rotax & BRS have been complied with. The Rotax has the 2000 TBO.
"New" (February 4, 2010) Dynon Glass, Garmin 496, Garmin SL40, Garmin 330 Mode S Transponder & Trutrak CT Pilot II VS Autopilot.
Snow Design 4 paint scheme, brown leather sport seats and green sun shades.
This aircraft is hangered at KLYH.
Also have a local CFII that has been signed off in the CT if needed.
Price for partnerships will depend on the number of qualified partners wanting to own this aircraft

If you are in the Central Virginia area and are interested in seeing and talking about this aircraft send me a message and we can make the arrangements.


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