AEROPUP is searching for manufacturers

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AEROPUP is searching for manufacturers

Postby aeropup » Tue Feb 24, 2015 10:57 am

Hi all

I´m new in this forum and I have already presented the Aeropup
I´d like to ask you here if you are interested (or know someone interested) in manufacturing the Aeropup.

We manufacture in Australia with great success there, but to enter new countries it is easier to manufacture it from inside rather that paying shippings and customs.
We are open to any kind of business. If you are willing to start a new one based on the Aeropup, or include the Aeropup into your current products offer please let me know and I will forward more details.

My goal with the Aeropup is to provide the most affordable/safe aircraft and its design and rationales used by John when producing this aircraft are perfect for this purpose.

Thanks for sharing!

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