RV-12 or SportCruiser Share -within 1 hour from Princeton NJ

Looking for a partner? No, we're not talking about dating. Partnerships are another way to bring down the cost of flying. Use this forum to find like-minded folks in your neighborhood.

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RV-12 or SportCruiser Share -within 1 hour from Princeton NJ

Postby designrs » Tue Oct 29, 2013 1:59 pm


RV-12 Pricing just announced...
$115k USD - base, can add options, ADS-B, Auto Pilot, Premium Paint, Wheel Fairings, etc.
$123k USD - fully equipped signature edition
7 premium colors to choose from.

Contract offers for next S-LSA batch go out Nov. 1st

According to Van's, NAFCO financed aircraft for some S-LSA RV-12's in the last batch. It looks like that could be the case again. Terms 15% down, 20 year, 5.85%. I surmise that they want to see good qualification and some liquidity in the applicant.

Estimate $135k including taxes & fees for the fully-equipped plane.
Totals would be: $20k down, $814 per month payments.

** Anyone that would be interested in partnering up on an RV-12 or SportCruiser to be based within 1 hours car drive or less from Princeton, NJ please PM me! **


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Re: RV-12 or SportCruiser Share -within 1 hour from Princeto

Postby Jack Tyler » Wed Oct 30, 2013 7:10 am

Good luck on finding a co-conspirator!

Have you considered using AOPA's Partnership ("dating service for a/c buyers") program. It allows both screening participants by location and a/c type being sought, and also allows direct messaging. So if you use the filters and find one or more possible parties, you can shoot them a PM with the same message you posted here. Just a thought...
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